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In America they are now comparing Shohey Otani with Babe Ruth

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Almost kinking analogies began appearing in the US media on days of waiting for the baseball shooter Shahay Otani to appear on the free market in MLB. The 23-year-old Japanese was compared directly to the Babe Ruth icon for his two-wheeled pitcher and batter talent demonstrated in the Hokkaido Nippon-Hem Fighters uniform during the last seasons in the NPB. `Even Babe Ruth has not really been able to cope with what Japanese Babe Ruth wants to try out with a Premier League team in the years to come - playing regularly as a pitcher and as a field player, writes ESPN. The online edition of the media giant recalls that Ruth was basically a pitcher only at the beginning of his career with Boston Red Sox and his top achievements on the hill were 1, 76 ERA in 1916 and 24 wins in 1917. however, in 1918, the baby began to play increasingly in the outfit, his ascensions on the hill progressively diminished, and he concentrated on biting. After the noisy passage to New York Yankees in 1920, the legend has only five games by buy fixed football matches as a pitcher until the end of her career, culminating with the unanswered 714 home runs in 1935.

`There were other players with talenttry to do what Otani is going to try, and many guys from the Major League have grown up as the best hitter in their teams before they become pitchers, and vice versa, but there is also a clear reason no one has done itfor a long time - because it is very difficult to deal with both at the same time, `said MLB manager, who wishednostrility, as his club will try to attract the Japanese this winter. And this season will be preserved the `auction system` negotiated between MLB and NPB. Since his current team has officially announced that Otani is being sold, any interested American club is required to deposit the maximum transfer amount of $ 20 million on the account of Nippon-Hem Fighters and will have 30 days to negotiate the player`s personal conditions. Under the new MLB collective agreement, the maximum bonus the Japanese can get when signing a contract in the US or Canada is $ 3 535 000. Currently, the only club that has the free resource to secure the full amount without going beyondThe eligible budget for free agents from abroad is the Texas Rangers. The following are New York Yankees ($ 3, 5 million), Minnesota Twins ($ 3, 245 million), Pittsburgh Pirates ($ 2, 266 million), Miami Marlins ($ 1, 74 million) and Seattle Mariners ($ 1, ), who are the only other among the 30 clubs that can pay Otani more than $ 1 million.

Whose team will secure their covenant signature will face the challenge of adjusting the schedule toJapanese so that it does not disturb the rhythm of the entire team. Which will be extremely difficult if everything in training and pitcher mode is radically different from the training and commitment of the other competitors. According to some analysts, the optimal option is to squeeze the maximum from Shohey Otani; it is to be used in days as a reel for several innings, and in others;such as an outsider or DH. `We are going to face a situation that no one has even thought of before, ` said the same anonymous manager to ESPN.

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