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AC Milan:four months in which everything changed

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Only four months after that excitement of the League of Europe to 65, 000 people of Giuseppe Meazza, the ambitions of and the rosters look completely altered. This is the ranking and statistics today. And other figures tell us that
Milan:Everything is changed, not just the coach. About four months after that exciting duel from LE`s previous rounds against Universitaitta (Craiova), crazy about 65, 000 frightening eyes on the performance of Bonus and the Billy Souls of San Siro, there was little left of that enthusiasm.

The team is doing well in Europe, but the situation seems to be depressing, and the auditioning after the home match with Turin confirms this. The move of the club was the dismissal of senior coach Vincenzo Montella:will it be the right one?
Given that only a few weeks to rebuild a club and a club can not be achieved, the red-black club according fixedmatches ambitions have changed dramatically in the last period:against Roma, Genoa, Juventus and Torino came only two points and nonescored goal. So all those in the sports and business project of Fasone, Mirabelle and the new Chinese owners are starting to gather together.

The starting point is those spent on new players in the summer of 236 million. The behavior of the transfer market was like the European top club. Fans of the rank of Frank Kessie, Andrea Silva, Andrea Conti, Leonardo Bonche, Matteo Muscayo, Ricardo Rodriguez, Hakan Chalhanoolou, Nicola Kalinic, Lucas Bilia and Fabio Borini were brought in, and the contract of the supervisor, Canluigi Donnarumma, was renewed for dessert;names (and pay) that have a weight.
That`s why this summer Milan, as opposed to the far-fetched city rival Inter, was aiming if not in the squad, at least in a safe place in the Champions League zone in the Serie A rankings. But at the moment it spoke eloquently:an asset of 20points and seventh place with Bologna and Chievo -;18 points from the leader Napoli, 16 from and nonrazuri and 11 from the 4th Roma, which is with less match.

These figures help us to put forward proof of who is the biggest problem of the squad:getting goals. At home, Milan did not reach an exact goal from September 20 in a 2-0 victory over SPAL 2013, although at the time it was two penalties, but a game -from September 17 against Udinese (2:1 with Kalinic`s double). The goals scored are only 19 in 14 rounds against 27 of Sampdoria, 28 of Inter, 33 of Lazio, 35 of Napoli and 37 of Juventus.
There is, however, another fact that should not be underestimated:the best Rossonero scorer is an offensive midfielder -;Suzo with 5 goals, comparing it to the 15 of a proven gallier like Mauro Icardi.

Still, statistics show us another Milan, Team 5 in Serie A:Average number of knocks to the door -;16, 4 (worse only Roma, Fiorentina, Juve and Napoli), possession of the ball -;55, 1% (better only Roma, Juve and Napoli) and on the accuracy of the submissions -;84, 9% (a little worse than Roma, Lazio, Juve and Napoli).
Does that mean that the team has played football? Montella seemed convinced of this after the zero draw with Turin:How can you?

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