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Juan Mata signed a new contract with Manchester United

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Manchester United`s winger Juan Mata extends his contract with the club for another year. He thus became involved with the Red Devils until the summer of 2019. Spain`s previous contract expired at the end of this season, but the club took advantage of a clause in it that allowed it to be extended for another 12 months.

Manager Jose Mourinho claims 29-year-old Mata remains in his plans, despite Alexis Sanchez`s draw in Arsenal. Matt is a very important player for us. When I arrived at the club a year and a half ago, everyone was telling me that Mata had problems, problems, and now she got a new contract for another year. He is an important player for me, the club and his teammates, `said Mourinho.

The Spaniard has 39 goals in 172 matches for United after his transfer from Chelsea in 2014. He said he felt lucky to play in this club. I feel happy and proud to be part of this club. I think every Manchester United player should feel privileged to be here. I feel that way. I get along with everyone in the club as well as with the manager. Once you put on United`s team, your life is no longer the same. Everything changes because you are already part of one of the biggest clubs mentioned by football livescore in football history. Everyday I tell myself how lucky I am to be playing here and trying to make the most of every workout because I know how important it is to be a Manchester United player. At 10 or 12 years I never imagined playing in this club. I remember big players like Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Van Nistelroy, Ferdinand, Vidic. They seemed to me light years from me. But here I am here and the feeling is very special. In the last four years, many new players have come to the club, but we all know each other and we get better and better. We have built up the stability and persistence we will need in the battle for the big trophies, Mata said.

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