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Leicester failed to break the good Swansea series

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Leicester and Swansees finished in a 1:1 lead at King Power Stage, thus lengthening their series without losing seven consecutive matches in all the tournaments. The hosts, who were again without boycotting club via football livescore Riyad Marez, dominated completely in the first part and deservedly led a goal by Jamie Vardi (17 `), who finished the lead of Kelesi Ieanasho, crossed between two defenders. Ianassho`s strike was blocked on the goal of Alfi Mousson, and Niddy`s goal was canceled due to the ambush of Diabate until the break. The decision came a little late after consulting Antony Taylor, chief referee, with his assistant.

In the second half, Swansea significantly improved its performance and Federico Fernandez equalized after knocking the head from a corner corner. It was Argentine`s first goal for two years now. Leicester ranks eighth with 35 points. Swansea is just above the line with 24 points.


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